Polymer Hoses

Polymer, PTFE, PVC, PolyEthylene, etc. hoses

Accord supplies PTFE hoses; Ducting in Polyethylene with Helix, Layflat Polyethylene, Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), PVC, Vinyl, Neoprene Polyester; PVC hoses with PVC helix, Corrugated PVC; layflat PVC; clear vinyl tubing, and several additional Polymer hose products.

PTFE Hoses

PTFE hose with smooth bore and corrugated bore with 304SS braid and Silicone cover

PTFE hoses – offer an unmatched corrosion resistance, ability to operate in extreme heat and cold/cryogenic temperatures and pressures. PTFE is resistant to: all acids, chlorides, sulfates, bleach solutions, solvents, phenols, caustics, and peroxides. PTFE hoses are available with smoothbore tube with 304SS braiding; smoothbore tube, 304SS braiding with Silicone cover; and convoluted tube with 304SS braid providing maximum flexibility ie-smaller bend radius.

PUD – PUV Hoses

PUD – Polyurethane (TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane) tank truck gravity drop fuel transfer hoses are available with polyester fabric reinforcement. The hoses are Biofuel compatible, lightweight, very flexible, and offer visual confirmation that fuel is flowing. The grounding wire dissipates static electricity buildup.

PUV Vapor Hoses – Polyurethane (TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane) vapor recovery hoses are available with and without polyester fabric reinforcement for higher working pressure. The hoses are Biofuel vapor compatible, lightweight, very flexible, and offer visual confirmation, if fuel is backing up in the vapor recovery system. The grounding wire dissipates static electricity buildup.

NP2-VBD Ducting

NP-2  2 Ply Neoprene Polyester Ducting; VBD  Vinyl Blower Ducting

NP-2 – Black Two-Ply is the most widely used ducting, works well in both positive and negative pressure applications. Two-ply construction offers extreme flexibility and compressibility, combined with excellent crush resistance and tensile strength.

VBD – Yellow Single-Ply polyester reinforced PVC vinyl fabric hose construction a spring steel wire helix with Black abrasion resistance wear-strip. Features: low friction loss, highly compressible, lightweight, retractability allows for convenient storage and easy transport. Flame retardant to UL- 94VO. Recommended for air movement applications.

RFHW-PET Duct/Tubing

RFHW – Medium weight thermoplastic rubber hose with an external wear-strip reinforced spring steel wire helix. Features include wide temperature range, good flexibility, abrasion resistance, and smooth surface for low friction loss. Resistant to ozone, UV rays, weathering, oil, and chemicals.

PET – Clear layflat polyethylene ducting/tubing is available in sizes 10″ thru 26″. Suitable for positive ventilation air and drying. Not for use suction use.

PVC Suction & Discharge Hoses

PVC hoses – offer a smooth bore full flow in sizes from 3/4″ to 8″. Suitable for general purpose suction and delivery of fluids, suitable for submersible pumps, boat pumps, construction and mining, irrigation lines, rock dust hose, well point systems, agri-foam application, agri- culture applications and liquid fertilizer transfer.

WG & CVT Hose

WG – PVC hose with convoluted cover offers improved flexibility, with a smooth bore for unrestricted flow. Recommended for suction and delivery of fluids, construction and mining, irrigation lines, rock dusting and sanitary vacuuming.

CVT – Non-Reinforced clear vinyl tubing. Cover and tube are compounded from Non-toxic PVC ingredients. Extreme clarity makes is suitable for applications where visibility of flow is important. Easy to handle, good transparency, smooth bore, self extinguishing, non-marking. For use in laboratories, air & water lines, deionized water lines, refrigeration drainage, ice making machines, bottling plants, beverage dispenser units.


Clear braided wire reinforced PVC hose

PVCB – Reinforced clear PVC with spiraled polyester cords and longitudinal polyester cords to reduce elongation under pressure. Cover and tube are compounded from Non-toxic PVC ingredients. Hose has good transparency, smooth bore, chemical resistant, self extinguishing, non-marking.

PVCW – Designed to dissipate static electricity when the metal wire is properly grounded. Clear PVC reinforced with a spring wire. Full vacuum rating, anti-kinking, anti-collapsible, chemical resistant, non-toxic, clear visual flow, smooth tube reducing material build-up.

NF/VF & IS Hoses

NF/VF IS -Blue layflat Nuflow, Vinylflow, and Red Ironsides PVC tube and cover eliminate separation, are reinforced with a high tensile polyester yarn spiral wrap. Light weight, tough, economical, smooth tube for low friction loss, coils flat for easy storage, used for general water discharge.


Black and Clear low temperature ducting

BDLTB & BDLTC – Low temperature (-20°F to +150°F) Black with Black Helix; and Clear with Black PVC blower duct. Smooth bore tube resists material build-up. for unrestricted flow. Extreme clarity makes is suitable for applications where visibility of flow is important. Exposed external helix provides for increased flexibility, while sliding easily for ease of handling.

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