Accord supplies Dry-disconnects, Cam & Grooves also known as Camlocks, flanges, ground joints, steam quick disconnects, universals are also known as crows foot, KC nipples, sandblast couplings, crimp ferrules, crimp sleeves, 2, 4, 6 bolt clamps, worm gear clamps, and valves in sizes ranging from 1/8” to 12”+. Couplings are available in 316SS, 304SS, Brass, Aluminum, Plated Steel, Steel, Malleable Iron, Polyglass, and Nyglass.

Cam & Groove aka Camlock Couplings

Applications: Cam & Groove coupling, also known as Camlock couplings, are a common type of hose coupling. This kind of coupling is popular because it is a simple and reliable means of connecting and disconnecting hoses quickly and without tools. The couplings are available in crimp, locking, NPT or BSP threaded, flanged, reducing, elbows, and socket weld.

Dry-Disconnect Coupler & Adapter

Applications: Dry-Disconnect couplings are used in the following industries Petroleum, chemical, agricultural, transportation, marine operations, pharmaceuticals, tank farms, and in-plant applications. The couplings are designed for quick and spill-free connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines. When you are moving fluids that are: expensive, hazardous to the environment, expensive to reprocess or dispose of, and prone to accident spillage/product then Dry disconnect couplings are a good solution to prevent a problem. The principle of operation is identical for all sizes. To Open/Engage the coupler and/or adapter push in and turn, it’s coupled full flow. To Close/Disengage the coupler and/or adapter turn and pull, it’s released with no spillage. These couplings are interchangeable with Avery Hardoll and Todo-matic.

Vapor Recovery Coupler

Applications: vapor recovery coupler.

Bottom Loading Adapter

Applications: bottom loading adapter coupling

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