Dantec SuperFlex Composite Hose has many advantages over rubber and stainless steel hoses for ship to shore transfer operations, particularly, light weight, high flexibility, wide chemical resistance and robust construction.

However there is no such thing as a perfect hose and composite hose has some weaknesses. These result from the very nature of the thermoplastic materials used in the construction of all composite hoses. Thermoplastics are heat sensitive in that as temperatures rise they lose strength and rigidity. They are also prone to plastic deformation i.e. hoses will elongate under load non-elastically particular at elevated temperatures.

These properties mean that composite hoses need careful support especially when products are transferred at temperatures in excess of 60 deg C. If not fully supported composite hose may be over-bent especially near to the couplings. Over-bending can result in displacement of the wire helices from their correct pitch and cause a collapse of the hose. Finally high temperature cleaning of composite hoses using low pressure steam can quickly damage the sealing film and fabric reinforcing layers.

Dantec Ltd. have over 25 years of experience in manufacture of composite hose and have considered these inherent weaknesses and how they can be overcome to produce a "Super Hose" which whilst retaining the key advantages of composites hose will give a longer trouble free life.

The key improvements in construction are:

1. Closer wire pitch. This increases the impact resistance of the hose and reduces the risk of over-bending.

2. Multiple high temperature tension members built into the wall of the hose. These high tensile strength layers reduce considerably elongation and plastic deformation of the hose wall particularly near the ends is negligible.

3. ECTFE lining. This "high tech" fluoropolymer has chemical resistance properties virtually identical to PTFE but its mechanical strength is many times greater and its permeability to gases including steam is much lower.

The result of these innovations is a hose which supports its own weight better, will last longer when steam cleaned and resist better overbending better. Applications where we recommend customers consider its use are dense products such as sulphuric acid, products conveyed hot such as palm oil, long unsupported lengths such as are required by hose towers and hoses which must be cleaned with low pressure steam. If you have an application where standard composite hose has a limited life or a new application which you feel may be arduous try Dantec SuperFlex Hose. Available in 4" . 6" , 8" and 10" diameters.

SUPERFLEX for heavy duty tasks by Dantec and Accord.

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